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All About Oysters

If you've read a lot of the articles on this site, this piece may seem, well, redundant. On the other hand, if you love oysters, the photos below are worth the repetition. Besides, I've thrown in a bunch of new ones.

Superior Grill_oysters.jpg

Oysters for three at New Orleans' Superior Grill. No sharing.

Still in New Orleans--grilled oysters at Casamento's. Absolutely not to be missed.

Casamento's oysters.jpg
oysters with flowers.jpg

There are so many reasons to visit Stillpoint Lodge in Alaska's Halibut Cove. These local oysters, harvested just a few hours before being served, are just twelve of them.

You wouldn't think that Central Oregon would be a great source of oysters, considering that the ocean is more than a four-hour drive away, but the next two entries are from my hometown of Bend--the top batch from Ten Below, the next one from Kanpai.

10 Below oysters resized.jpg
Oysters LG.jpeg

What better way to end an oyster photo essay than with a return to Pourville in Normandy, France. Now this is the way to lunch!

Oysters in Pourville_edited.jpg
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