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Foodie Mecca - Denver

They say you eat with your eyes. I would suggest that while that's a great start, you don't want to leave it at that when it comes to Denver. As my dad used to say, "Vaux le voyage." Translation: It's worth the trip.

To be honest, apart from the ramen at Bones, perhaps the most memorable meal of a ridiculously sensational four-day food tour, I no longer remember what was what or where. But I can tell you that my favorite eateries after Bones were Spuntino, a rustic joint serving Italian classics, and Stoic & Geunine, a modern seafood restaurant in Historic Union Station. 

So, until you can head out on your own Denver dining discovery mission, here's a pictorial preview of what you have to look forward to.

food 2.jpg
Bones open kitchen.jpg

Can you say lobster ramen? 

Bones lobster ramen.jpg
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