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Vienna's Distinct Faces

By the time I hit Vienna after being in Europe for four weeks, I was more interested in doing laundry and lounging in the sunlight on my friends' wide-body couch than actually sightseeing. Still, I did manage to get a hint of why a number of my friends swear that Vienna is Europe's best--or at least most livable--city.

Vienna downtown shopping.jpg

 A stroll in downtown Vienna includes stumbling onto an organ concert at St. Peter's and an outdoor screening of an opera.

Opera on the street.jpg
St Peter.jpg

The next day, while my traveling companion bike along the Danube, another friend and I take a trolley to the edge of town, hike a few hundred yards to lunch at a winery and then stroll down a fragrant lane flanked by grape vines. You just have to love a place that grows and produces wine within the city limits.

Weinervald Wanderway stairway on way to
Wanderweg2 sign.jpg
Wanderweg 2 grape vines.jpg

It turns out that the hanging branches in this photo signify a new beer or wine release. Vital info for the Vienna traveler!

new release branches.jpg
ice coffee with ice cream.jpg

I also discover Vienna's version of a float -- iced coffee and ice cream. I'm a fan.

On our last night, our hosts Christine and Tom Komons take my traveling companion Diane Kulpinski and me to the Danube Canal, home to trendy eateries as well as Vienna's largest, legal graffiti zone. 

Vienna canal at night.jpg
Vienna Diane Hong Kong Fooey
Vienna Diane grafitti_edited.jpg
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