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Still Dreaming of Stillpoint Lodge

float plane pickup.jpg

On our way to Stillpoint Lodge in Halibut Cove, Alaska. You've got to love a place that you can only get to by float plane or boat.

First view of Stillpoint from the
Cue the otter.jpg

Cue the otter.

With its lush grounds, spectacular views and comfortable, rustic, tucked-away cabins, Stillpoint is, indeed, a place to rekindle your spirit.

stillpoint sign.jpg
Stillpoint garden.jpg
stillpoint interior.jpg
rope meditation.jpg

The property's zen gardens include a rope labyrinth than can be used for walking meditation.

Talk about meditation.

Midnight sunset from the cabin. 

sunset at midnight.jpg
boat .jpg

The next day's excursion to 13-mile-long Grewingk Glacier, located in Kachemak Bay State Park, Alaska's first state park, proves unforgettable. Who gets to boat past otters and an oyster farm, then hike through a rainforest to an iceberg-strewn glacier lake that you actually get to paddle around?

Bridge on way back from Grewingk Glacier
Grewingk glacier closeup.jpg
Iceberg Grewingk Glacier.jpg

Floating ice sculptures shift and  change right before our eyes.

Dominic and Amalia kayak Grewingk Glacie

Evening brings happy hour--cocktails with a view, lovely appetizers and the best of company (note the eagles to the right). 

Dominic cocktail by fireplace after Grew
oysters with flowers.jpg

There's even mountain climbing for those so-inclinded, like my friend Leah, who celebrated her birthday by scaling Goat Rope, the mountain on the right, with a Stillpoint guide. I was happy to work with Stillpoint owners Jim and Jan Thurston on the memoir Jim is playing with. The working title: Things Just Seem to Happen When I Show Up.

stroll stillpoint.jpg

The last morning, I write in the guestbook in my room:

Stillpoint has allowed me to step away from my life, thereby embracing it in a whole new way. From the otter who greeted us upon arrival to last night’s happy hour eagles, this experience has been magic...Sunning serenity. Unrivaled beauty. All with a sense of being folded into new friendships and community. Thank you! The memories will live on and continue to inspire.

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