Feasting Through New Orleans

They say we eat with our eyes. Until you can get to the places below to do your own celebrating, I hope you enjoy. Bon appetit!

We fell into oysters followed by shrimp and grits at Superior Seafood on our first night. Lunch at Butcher the next day.


Hello New Orleans!

Can you say 25-cent lunch martinis at  Commander's Palace? And yes, that's the crab we enjoyed (see below).

Nothing wrong with crab cakes, cocktails in the garden or crawfish in our Airbnb.

But it's hard to beat having cocktails at the Carousel Bar in the French Quarter's Hotel Monteleone. (And yes, it rotates.)

And it's downright impossible to beat the charbroiled oysters at Casamentos. The place might not be fancy (can you say linoleum?), but the oysters are divine. 

I don't know about you, but after this excursion down memory lane, I'm ready for another New Orleans foodie fest. I can always follow up with a little Zydeco and dance it off. 

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