Work-Play Down Under

So you want to spend a few months Down Under and don't exactly have a budget that's super accommodating? When Julia Gaultier needed a change of pace, she did a work-live-play stint in Australia and New Zealand, which she chronicled with her camera and quips. 

Enjoying the European winter. 

That's Queensland for you. Building up a bamboo fence in the middle of nowhere. Talk about off the grid!

Oh hey. Just hanging out in the Australian rain forest. Chill time.

Helping to build an eco-conscious earth-bag house.

Working hard at the Willowend farm with our magpie mascot.

When in Melbourne...

Nothing like hanging out at the Australian Open.

Motivational street art in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Lunch with a view at Lake Wahea.

Stormy South Island.

Huka Falls and the Waikato River on New Zealand's  North Island. In love with that blue.

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